Nature's High Edibles

In addition to our Jimi Hendrix launch, Colorado Product Services is pleased to launch a sister edible line, Nature's High. Knowing that CPS is Powered by Science. Fueled by Nature™, Nature's High will do just that! This brand of signature edibles represents all facets and flavors of the high country lifestyle. Incorporating unique and delicious flavor combinations, Nature's High is sure to please with just the right amount of THC.


Greenhouse Granola

A delectable granola bite with strawberry & banana, Almonds, Hazelnut, Rice Puffs, Oats, Crispies and a touch of Ginger

Orange Almond Dream

A dark chocolate infused with orange zest, almonds, and sea salt

Snowy Mountain Raspberry

White Chocolate Pistachios, Sea Salt, and Freeze Dried Raspberries

Peace on Earth Pomegranate

Pomegranate and Raspberry Hard Candy

Lush Valley Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime Hard Candies