Jimi's Cannabis Collection

The most psychedelic and talented musician of the 60’s is now represented in the Colorado cannabis market.  These edibles have rich flavors and delightful textures that remind the consumer of Jimi's fluid and unique style. These tasty treats have been crafted closely with the Hendrix family. If Jimi was still with us today, we know that he would be proud to have his name on these infused delectable treats!


Triple Fudge Voodoo Brownies

A gooey fudge brownie sure to delight any sweet tooth

Stand Next to My Fire S'mores

Our master chef's own creation; a combination of marshmellow graham cracker and chocolate bits

Foxey Lady Figs & Oats

A delicious confection of figs, oats, brown sugar, honey, sea salt, vanilla and cinnamon