MJ Consumers do NOT give infused candy to kids on Halloween

This editorial is brought to you by Natures High Edibles.

Today is Halloween, so you know what time of year that means. Law enforcement and cannabis prohibitions are bringing back the "Cannabis Edibles Halloween Candy Epidemic" argument again. "Make sure to watch closely Mom and Dad! At any moment your kid can come home with an excessive or possibly lethal dose of cannabis edibles."

Firstly, you can not physically overdose on edibles (You may go mentally "too deep" from over-consumption, and while not the most fun, this certainly isn't deadly). 

Cannabis is recreationally legal in 4 states and DC. Despite zero reports of kids getting dosed candies, the anti-cannabis movement always seems to bring these arguments up this time of year. 

As far as I have checked, I couldn't find anything (and I went to page 5 of this google search. Granted, page 5 on google isn't a deep search by any means, but if it were a major issue I would have stumbled across at least one article by now) . 

I spoke with an edibles enthusiast and a legal cannabis business insider. The following are reasons as to why this won't happen:

  1. No one wants to give their stash away to strangers
    1. Most especially children
  2. Cannabis edibles are really expensive
    1. One cannabis candy bar costs around $20+
  3. "I want to consume those edibles, I bought them for me"
  4. Only truly bad people dose others without their consent, and moreover commit felonies when they do so. Those people should and would get arrested.

So parents, heed these words of advise:

Don't freak out, and stop your kids from going trick-or-treating. Keep a careful eye on them, and look over their spoils once the night is over and you are back home. It never hurts to double check and stay on the safe side. And hey, on the extremely slim chance someone actually has the audacity to slip an edible into your kids bag, because you're being a good parent and checking, you'll find it, and Mommy and Daddy get Halloween "Candy" too!


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