About Colorado Product Services

Colorado Product Services, LLC operates one of the top cannabis cultivations, infusion kitchens, and extraction studios in the state of Colorado.  Inside our custom built indoor garden, CPS' award-winning master growers use proprietary methods that produce high potency strains which achieve unprecedented levels of quality and flavor unrivaled anywhere. The garden was designed so that each plant can be hand nurtured, ensuring optimal health and quality throughout the grow cycle.  Our multi-million dollar extraction studio features cutting edge machines operated by a team of true artisans. CPS' brand new infusion kitchen is led by a true culinary genius who has perfected the art of creating some of the most unique and delicious edibles available today. Colorado Product Services is Powered by Science and Fueled by Nature. 

Offering brands such as Mountain Flower, Double Black Extracts, Nature's High Edibles, Jimi's Cannabis Collection and MED•a•mints.


Our products are highly sought-after in the Colorado market and will be distributed nationwide when possible.

About our Facilities

Cultivation Grow Center 

Colorado Product Services operates on a 5-acre, licensed property to grow medical and recreational cannabis.  CPS currently has a 43,000-square-foot, high-tech, indoor facility that was designed for premium cannabis cultivation.  Our cannabis is produced by master growers with over 20 years of commercial agricultural experience.  CPS has invested significantly in R&D, including comprehensively testing 24 top-rated cultivation lighting technologies, in order to produce the finest quality cannabis in the market.  Our passion and commitment to achieving the highest levels of quality available anywhere, combined with our proprietary organic grow practices are key elements in CPS’s long-term success.  

MIP Facility

Our marijuana infused extraction laboratory and branding facility is nearly 8,000 sq. ft.  At Colorado Product Services the hydrocarbon extractions we offer maintain a level of excellence that sets a new standard for quality within the state of Colorado. Utilizing industry-leading equipment, the cleanest in solvent precursor, as well as top-shelf starting material in our specialized clean room environment, CPS is capable of producing butane and CO2 based extracts and concentrates in any consistency desired with unprecedented levels of quality.  Based on our state of the art, in-line dewaxing capabilities, cryogenic operation and oil free process, CPS extracts are guaranteed to maximize the potential of the starting material, resulting in superior quality products not possible with previously established extraction techniques.  

Retail Dispensary

Our dispensary, Doctors Garden located in the Roaring Fork Aspen Valley, has been open since 2009. Loved by locals and visitors alike, Doctor's Garden holds a reputation for excellent quality and friendly, efficient service from our knowledgeable team. The medicinal value in our products is higher than in most dispensaries around the world.